Title: Have a Glass!
Author: Farfalla Caquí
Codes: TOS, K/S/Ch (Kirk/Spock/Chapel)
Rating: NC-17

This is an incredibly stupid story based on a line from a Della Van Hise fic in a very old zine. It referred to semen as the "creamy white wine of his victory." WTF?^^

This was originally posted to TOS-up.

Have a Glass!
Farfalla Caquí

"Come on, Spock, let's go mind the store."

Dr. McCoy watched them go, a knowing expression on his face. "I wonder if Spock will finally loosen up when Jim gets done with him," he muttered happily.

"Done, Doctor?" Nurse Chapel asked.

McCoy turned sharply to look at her. "Yes, Nurse, done. As in, has satisfied his libidinous urge for the decade."

Chapel's mouth opened in a round O. "You don't mean that they're going to--in the middle of the afternoon!"

"Not everyone's from Boston, Nurse," McCoy growled, getting ready to go back to work.

Several yards away, in the hallway outside Kirk and Spock's door, the two men stood gazing into each other's eyes. "Spock...."



"I am sorry, Captain. I would relish the opportunity to stand beside you casting amorous looks that would rival a hobbit, but I fear my neglected biology is catching up with me again."

"Oh! Sorry, Spock." Jim snapped out of it, put the ring on a string back inside his uniform shirt, and got down on his knees. He began opening Spock's fly.

"Shouldn't we be in one of our quarters, Captain?" Spock inquired innocently.

"Quite right, Mr. Spock. My mistake."

Five minutes later they were frolicking happily on Jim's bed, naked as newts. Jim gave a happy sigh and licked a lot of lumpy places.

Spock moaned, and twined his fingers in Jim's hair. Hmm, so it ~was~ real! How wonderful.

"How'm I doing?" Jim wanted to know after a little while.

"You are quite skilled," Spock said breathlessly. "However, as a scientist I question the ability of a purely homosexual encounter to relieve the pon farr mating urges."

"What do you suggest?"

"I'm sure you know that several females on board this ship have, in the past, expressed their desires to engage in certain... acts with me."

Kirk pressed a comm button.

Five minutes later, Nurse Chapel showed up at the door, jittery as the animation on "Dr. Katz". "Where's the patient?" she asked. Then she noticed the men on the bed. Jim's head rested happily on Spock's nude thigh. He was licking one testicle rather lazily, almost like a cat.

"Hello, Nurse," Spock greeted her.

"What do you need me to do?" she croaked, climbing onto the bed.

"There's two of us, and two of these," Kirk offered, pointing at Spock's balls. "Join me!"

Not knowing what else to do, Christine pushed her hair out of the way and bent down to Spock's crotch. She could smell Jim's cologne as they, er, worked together.

"What's Vulcan semen like?" she suddenly whispered to Jim.

"You'll see," Jim whispered back. "He's getting ready."

"How can you tell?"

"We're mind-linked. See our fingers?"

Christine looked. "I thought you were thumb-wrestling."

"Who thumb-wrestles while getting a blowjob?"

"He's a different species!! What do I know?"

"Never mind that. Just go down on him. I did it last time."

"Yes, Captain," she answered sardonically, and complied.

After a few energetic sucks, Spock spurted into Christine's mouth. "White wine!" she sputtered, swallowing it with a grimace. "Very dry white wine."

"Strange," Kirk commented. "I got red."

"Red wine is appropriate for meat, and white for fish," Spock murmured, completely happy and fulfilled.