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My new recs are here for 2003.

I've spent almost a year gathering good Star Trek stories from all over the 'net, and I've collected some of my favorites here. I've split them into categories, as I did last time: Excellent, Gen, Cute, Pairing Fic, Brain, Hot Sex, Humorous Sex, Humor, MSTings, and Non-Trek. Within each category I've sorted arbitrarily by series and then by title, so read in whatever order suits your fancy. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the great fic out there, of course. I do hope there's something for everyone here. Enjoy!


TOS Assorted Drabbles Laura Goodwin [G] to [NC-17] K/S, K/S/f, etc
These drabbles range all over, from hilarious, to paint-peeling hot, vanilla to BDSM, het, gay and bisexual, but always full of wit and verve.

VOY "Madonna of Cargo Bay 2" Ann [PG] D/7 poem parody
Beautiful. Sublime.


TOS "Chasing The Intruder" Anna Perotti [G] S, Sc
Spock, a cat, and a computer virus . . . Set at Starfleet Academy.


TOS "Holiday Stress" jat_sapphire [PG-13] (read and find out)
Very cute f/f! <'p>

Pairing Fic

TOS "Hopeless" Kathy Schoggins [PG] Ch/Korby, S/Ch
"Christine goes through the contents of her hope chest and thinks back over her life."

TOS "Polite Conversation" JA Chapman [NC-17] S/Mc
Hilarious, delightful S/Mc story. Really wonderful!

TOS "Parted And Never Parted" Menolly [NC-17] K/S
Stranded on an island again; naturalistic, a bit of hurt/comfort but not overly so. Calm, nice.

Brain (stories that made me think)

TOS "Gestures" jat_sapphire [NC-17] S/Mitchell, K/Mitchell, K/S
A slightly disturbing story in some ways; very well written, very literary. Spock's interest in Mitchell is quite foreign to me, but I find everyone's behavior plausible. The contrast between Spock/Mitchell and Kirk/Spock is profound; I find myself almost wanting more justification for that -- the first scenario seems more like life, the second more like fantasy.

TOS "Like Diamond" jat_sapphire [PG-13] S, K/Mitchell
Really good Spock story (short).

TOS "Of All The Gin Joints" Fern Clarke [R] K/m (K/vulcan)
This was almost lost to the net, but Rareslash has a text copy, which I know is a bit hard to read. Definately an interesting story.

TOS "Too Much" Laura Goodwin [NC-17] K/S BDSM
More intellectual than erotica, a look into the dynamics of the Kirk/Spock relationship, and a glimpse into the mind of a hardcore bottom.

TOS "Twelfth Night" Beth Meenaghan [R] S/Ch, unpleasantness
Very realistic Chapel and realistic denouement; both Spock and Chapel's actions made sense to me. The way things played out, as unfortunate as it was, was logical.

TOS "The Writer On Tour Secretly, part two" Matthew Simmons [NC-17] Neal Pollack, K/S
This story is actually Neal Pollack fan fiction, so it begins with Pollack on his book tour, and imagines the Kirk/Spock story that Pollack would write. Some of the most mind-bending erotica I've ever come across on the web.

Hot Sex

TOS "After Philosophy" The Reaper [NC-17] K/U
Hot. Not nice. Just hot.

TOS "Precious Stones" Marianne [NC-17] K/Horta
Rare Kirk/alien hermaphrodite sex. The author is not a native English speaker so there are some errors, but it is worth the read.

TOS "Starship Star Blues" Rae Trail [NC-17] K/Mc
HOT, some humor. Wants to be K/S/Mc, so be warned.

TOS "Uhura and Rand" Ann Douglas [NC-17] U/R
Hot sex stories like this one are what gave Ann Douglas her reputation. A bit too much of the "black woman, blond woman" appositives instead of their names, but otherwise great.

TNG "And a Pinch to Grow an Inch" Psyche [NC-17] Picard/all
This is quite a find. Sheer, delightful pornography.

Humorous Sex

TOS "I Was JT's Love Slave!" k1of7 [NC-17] K/S
I get a chuckle out of this or many every time I read it, and if you've only read it once, I'll give you a li'l hint: it's even better on the second reading.

TOS "Party Pooper" jonk [NC-17] C/Sarek, multiple
"Ensign Chekov, you are making no sense. Why would my father be sleeping in your room, and what has my mother got to do with this?" Hilarious farce.

TOS "The UberSexHaiku of Shatner" The Grand High Arch Uberpopetitude of the Church of Shatnerology [NC-17] K/Toupee, multiple
Don't mind what he says up top. A wonderful array, perhaps I should say *cycle* of Kirk/Shatner haiku, covering (almost) all aspects of his love life. (Strangely, no Kirk/Enterprise in there.)

DS9 "After Hours" JA Chapman [NC-17] multiple pairings
"Which end do you want first?" Wild and crazy Trek sex.

VOY "Tender Is The Bite" Carol Thomas [R] vampirism, J/C, multiple
Very amusing. "*What a surprise,* thought the Doctor. *Nobody 'shared' with Neelix. I can't think why.*"


TOS "Carbon Copy" Jane Skazki [PG?] S&Ch, K/S implied
"'What do you mean?' the captain asked, turning round to look at me. Spock reached out and grabbed the wheel to stop us swerving into the kerb." Interesting riff on ENT "Carbon Creek."

TOS "Caught" Bats [?] K/S drabble
Originally rated "R" but it's only as dirty as your mind.

TOS/XOVER "If Chris Claremont Wrote Star Trek" Rob Morris [G]
Quite funny, all the more so if you know comics.

TOS "Kirkus Interruptus" Meg [PG-13] K/S BDSM
Imagine nine smiley faces in place of these words.

TOS/XOVER "Look Before You Leap" Rob Morris [G] drabble
I laughed out loud the first time I read this.

TOS "This Side of Paradise: Confederate Style" Sherry B [PG-13] K/U and S/Ch implied, also S/Kalomi
Like a Rude Person story, told by a redneck!

TOS "Wet As a Very Wet Thing" Robin [NC-17] K, masturbation
A little bit of BDSM, a little bit of Spock, a little bit of humor.

VOY "One Lousy Ship" SomeKindaBliss (SKB) [R]
Evil Voyager parody that ends with a twist. Almost makes up for all those miserable hours of UPN.

MIS "100% Low-Fat Klingon" J Bowman [PGish for violence]
A Klingon weight-loss parody.


"bowleg> new rule: no more Trek movies, EVER." Feel the pain, laugh and wince, as you read the live MSTing of STV on IRC.

VOY "MiSTing of Voyager's 'The Killing Game'" Vice Adm. Brendan Dillon
A mercifully short MSTing of an overblown episode.


"A Boy and his God" Charlie Stross
Originally published in Odyssey 3 (1998) Good modern scifi. An enjoyable yarn, and an ironic look at superstitions, both ancient and modern.

The Matrix "Zion" Matthew Haldeman-Time [R] Neo/Tank
This was written before The Matrix: Reloaded came out, so you have to take it as an interpretation of the first movie as it stands. An interesting, compelling story which I found more enjoyable than the movie.

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