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Oh, and some of the links are out of date, but not any of the specific story links (to my knowledge).

[[May 7, 2003 -- I added part 2 of "Echo of Gothos", which I so moronically left off the first time around.]]

From: berli@lycos.com
Subject: Re: Hey All...A little Rec help if you please
Newsgroups: alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated
Date: 2002-05-08 05:55:13 PST
"master_sam_1"  wrote in message news:...
> Hi.
> I want to know, or get a list of links of the best K/S stories that 
> are around.

Well, Sam, here are my current K/S recs. I had fun rounding them up,
except for "Logical Explanation," which was a major bitch to find (but
well worth it). First I'm going to give you specific stories with
url's, and then I will give you some websites with surfing notes.

I have grouped the stories into categories: BDSM, Death, Tribbles,
H/C, Vanilla and K/S Implied. Order of the categories has no meaning
other than I find it pleasing. Order of the stories within each
category is deliberate and correlates loosely with memorability and
personal preference, from first to last.


*C. M. Decarnin, "Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee"
http://hos.slashcity.com/imntlt.htm Part 1 and Intro
http://hos.slashcity.com/imntlt2.htm Part 2
http://hos.slashcity.com/imntlt3.htm Part 3
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Comes to a cadence, but not a
conclusion, so everyone write to House of Slack and encourage Decarnin
to finish it!

*Mickey, Gothos Series
"Return of the Squire" Part 1/3
"Return of the Squire" Part 2/3
"Return of the Squire" Part 3/3
"Echo of Gothos" Part 1/2
"Echo of Gothos" Part 2/2
"After Gothos"

*Laura Goodwin, "Too Much"
Kirk's "invitation to war" is just classic. More of her work (K/S BDSM
fic and non-fic; some serious, some humor) is available here:


*The Big Enigmatic Miss Sunbeam, "Always," "And Forever"
"And Forever"
This squicked some people but, well, the warnings are on the label.


*Deanna, "Furballs"


*Greywolf, "Fire On The Mountain"
I decided to pick just one representative story. More of his fic
(including the Spock/Tuvok "Box of Rain") can be found here:

*Greywolf, "Jack-A-Roe"
Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3
Aww, what the hell, I decided to include another one. I guess this one
really isn't h/c or K/S, but I felt like plugging it anyway.

*Istannor, "The Awakening"
Good story, but there's no "payoff" sex scene, which makes it feel
like a cheat strictly in terms of K/S. It's still a good story, so

*Jenna Sinclair, "The World Turned Upside Down"
http://kardasi.com/KSOF/Stories/world_turned_upside_down.htm Part 1/2
http://kardasi.com/KSOF/Stories/world_turned_upside_down_2.htm Part
Jenna Sinclair is best known in fanfic as the author of _Sharing The
Sunlight_, a novel printed in zine form by Merry Men Press.


*S. R. Benjamin, City Series
http://www.trekiverse.org/startrek/startrek/adult/tos/InTheCity "In
The City"
http://www.trekiverse.org/startrek/startrek/adult/tos/OnTheShip "On
The Ship"
"At Officer's Row"
Nice story, lyric prose; author's other work available on Trekiverse
also generally recommendable.

*Judith Gran, "Terminus"
Best 'why Gol' story ever, hands down.

*K'Sal, "In Check"
An intriguing battle of wits between Kirk and Spock. This story
*impressed* me.

*Varoneeka and Ruth Gifford, "Improvisation"

*Multiple Authors, "Signal/Noise"
An Unresolved-Sexual-Tension-fest by some of the best K/S writers
online. According to legend, it just sort of "happened."

*Mary Ellen Curtin, "On The Beach"

*Bats, "Eros"
Great sex scenes, with originality and flair.

*Leslie Fish, "This Deadly Innocence, or The End of the Hurt/Comfort
Just about anything by Leslie Fish is good. Her work appears as part
of the Foresmutter's Project, an effort to make old printslash
available online.

*Rand Andrew McKennitt, "Logical Explanation"
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkLovesSpockFic/message/1171 Part 1/6
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkLovesSpockFic/message/1172 Part 2/6
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkLovesSpockFic/message/1173 Part 3/6
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkLovesSpockFic/message/1174 Part 4/6
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkLovesSpockFic/message/1175 Part 5/6
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KirkLovesSpockFic/message/1176 Part 6/6
An unashamed Shat-fan sets the beginning of K/S right after Star Trek
V. This is classic Kirk action! Must see! Unfortunately you must join
KirkLovesSpockFic to read it! (All you have to do is get a Yahoo! ID
and password, and sign up for the group with 'no email' for the least

*Author Unknown, "A Job For The Young"
This is notable for being the oldest known K/S fic online.

*Dread Nought, "But Never Parted"
Part 1
http://www.kardasi.com/KSOF/Stories/but_never_parted_2.htm Part 2
The OC, D'Winn is kind of humorous, in an ironic sort of way, and
Finnegan makes an appearance -- for real, this time. What's not to

K/S Implied

*Rae Trail, "Leaving Vulcan: A Halfbreed's Revenge," Spock/Stonn

*Islaofhope, "Errand of Deception," Spock/Kor

*Ascem Noone, "Between Equals," Spock/Picard
Thought you might like this one, Sam, since you're a TNG fan.

Where to Find More K/S Fic (in English)

Note: The stories are all text files, but the file names do not have
".txt" at the end. If you browser balks, tell your browser to open the
file. It will then recognize it as a text file.

Note: Full of great stories and other goodies. You may have some
trouble loading pages due to the counter which has to call a seperate
server. If you get a delay loading a page, just hit stop. The page
will load, the counter won't.

The Fore-Smutter's Project, or FSP. "The Foresmutters Project is an
anarchic effort to put material from the earliest days of slash
online." -- Mary Ellen, Doc Science

Search for "ASCEM" to get to alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated.
Many stories haven't made it to the Trekiverse archive yet, so I have
included universally accessible links through Google above. They are
text files as well. You may have to cut and paste to get everything on
one line (inconvenient, yes, but the Google Usenet archive is very

Poster's personal websites: I'm too lazy to track down all the url's,
but look for the personal websites of T'Guess, T'Lin, T'Len & Charena
(TOS Twins), T'Pat, and Istannor, among others.

Side note: there's lots of good fic out there that I haven't even read
in the ASCEM archive (available within Google Groups). Searching for
"k/s" along with a favorite keyword of the day (bondage, pain,
Enterprise, tribbles -- whatever floats your boat) within
alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated and you'd be surprised at the
stuff you turn up.

-Hypatia Kosh

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