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TOS Erotic Story Archive, 2001-2003

The Graysons

The Graysons in domestic bliss
Might chastely share a touch or kiss,
But when those thyroids start to work
They turn into a beast called "Spirk!"

These stories are my erotic TOS stories from 2001-2003. If you want to read my more recent erotic stories, go here.

The Graysons is a nickname Farfalla and I concocted for Kirk and Spock, the cutest little gay couple in the whole wide world.

F/F stories are distinguished from the rest with pink background.

If you're pressed for time, just read the ones with the *. General consensus is that these are the better stories. (Make sure you look at the codes too, of course.)

What people are saying about Hypatia Kosh's fiction:

"Hail Hypatia, Queen of Supercilliousness!" -- Sisko2374, alt.startrek.creative, 7-25-02

"It's always nice to have an even mix of hot gay sex and actual information." -- Captain Pedantic, www.WeirdCrap.com, 12-14-01

"I don't want to see the phrase 'dainty little asshole' ever again!" -- Farfalla, via AIM, 3-24-03


PWP: "Plot? What plot?" Does not imply no narrative; does mean there is no episode-style plot.

BDSM: bondage/domination/submission/sado-masochism. Uh, yeah kid. More Kinky (BDSM, h/c, prison stories & more) Star Trek Stories!

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