About this website

Did the homepage look funny in your browser?

This website incorporates elements from several earlier websites of mine: Berli's Star Trek Shack, Sententiae Ursae, stpb and Hypatia's House of Horrors. At least two of these sites are completely defunct, and for one of them I have even lost the files (although I have printouts).

I finally bit the bullet and paid for web hosting. In the past I've relied on free service, but that's had its limitations. I chose slashcity because they (duh) host slash. Most of the elements I'm bundling with the slash are related to the slash site and never generated much traffic in the first place, so I'm hoping they will all coexist in peace.

Since this site has older elements, the older elements will probably all first appear as simple HTML 4 Transitional files, or as text files. I have big plans, though (don't we all). I'm starting the switch over to CSS, and since this site is a vanity site which doesn't have to have a perfect anybrowser implementation, I am free to experiment.

I'm also going to start converting my html to XML. I did start doing that already, but my earlier code was all lazy (::cough:: efficient) HTML. Bit by bit, I will get things in line.

My last, and most significant project, is to start writing some perl scripts and implementing them using CGI. I've never really had the power to do that before, so I'm quite happy. I hope to use perl to dynamically generate html files (which will refer to css files) from original text files. This will save me scads of work! Plus, it's a marketable skill.

Some notes on stuff I've done so far:
The "/" is a unix joke. It means the root directory. I thought that was cooler than a link called "home."
I'm using multiple stylesheets. I anticipate that each subsection will have its own stylesheet. I guess I could use a mega-master stylesheet, but it seems like bad form to define classes for every <a> tag. And root will get its own style(s).