Bush Is So Presidential Material

A lot of people in this country have been heard to say that President George Walker Bush is not presidential material. I say he is so presidential material. Consider the following:

He was a wealthy Yankee, just like Calvin Coolidge.

He went to Yale, just like George H.W. Bush.

He was a failure in business, just like Harry S Truman.

He is part of a political dynasty, just like JFK.

In fact, his father was president, just like John Quincy Adams.

He lost the popular vote, just like Rutherford B. Hayes.

He expanded an undeclared war, just like Lyndon Baines Johnson.

He was divisive, just like Abraham Lincoln.

He was a lush, just like Ulysses S. Grant.

He couldn't read French to save his life, just like George Washington.
(Washington signed a disastrous treaty with the French during the French and Indian War because he couldn't read a word of it and was pretending that he could.)

He fought pirates, I mean terrorists, just like John Adams.
(Check out the link--especially Article 11!)

He experimented with non-traditional gender roles, just like James Buchanan.
(Buchanan's long-time companion was an effeminate man and slaveowner nicknamed "Aunt Fancy," who died shortly before Buchanan ascended to the presidency; Bush was a cheerleader in college.)

His administration is secretive, just like Richard M. Nixon's. He also engaged in "dirty tricks" (against John McCain) during his campaign, also like Richard M. Nixon (against Ed Muskie).

He has been surrounded by scandals involving energy companies, oilmen, and cronies, just like Warren G. Harding.

He appointed a woman to a cabinet level position traditionally held by men, just like FDR. (Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor, 1933-1945; Condileeza Rice, National Security Advisor, 2001-2005.)

His wife is more widely respected than he is, just like Gerald Ford.

He made a woman secretary of state, just like Bill Clinton.

He choked on a pretzel, just like William Howard Taft.
(Just kidding.)

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