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White Girl Rapper - "Feminem"

This is an unabashed worship page for Sarai Howard. I don't give a fig for her music (forgettable) but she is beautiful, and so I have created this shrine for her. Please be my girlfriend, Sarai! I promise not to bug you too much about the music thing.

Sarai Facts

Sarai's Reviews

Okay, so she's not particularly bright and not particularly special. (Sorry, Sarai.) But she is great to look at!

The Gallery - Photos/Pics

These are publicity shots from Sarai's website, which apparently date to mid-July, 2003. The photographer is Rod Spicer.

Publicity Shot 1 "Sporty" [40KB]
Publicity Shot 2 "Sexy" (not really) [56KB]
Publicity Shot 3 "Style" [48KB]

These photos were taken on or before August 3, 2003 (possibly July 17th) by Robert Spencer, AP photographer. So Associated Press is good for something.

Sarai Howard - Robert Spencer/AP Photo Sarai Howard - Robert Spencer/AP Photo Sarai Howard - Robert Spencer/AP Photo


Haven 1 [16KB]
Haven 2 [16KB]
Haven Black/White [12KB]


Feminem 1 [40KB]
Feminem 2 [20KB]
Feminem 3 [16KB]
Feminem Dark [36KB]
Feminem Cropped [28KB]
Feminem Black/White [52KB]
Feminem Black/White Small [20KB]


Break 1 [12KB]
Break 2 [96KB]

Photo by Julia Beverly, for Ozonemag, August 2003 [12KB].

The album cover for "The Original." (Epic LLC, 2003)

Album Cover [60KB]
Album Cover (keyhole) [28KB]
Album Cover small [8 KB]
Album Cover cropped [44KB]

The image size figures are rounded to the nearest four kilobytes.

More Sarai

Can't get enough? Here are some more Sarai fansites:

Sarai - Strawberry Blond - Kewl looking site that did bad things to my browser. Wallpapers, and hints on where you can get pics not show here.

Sarai Online - Pics of Sarai in concert. Supposed to have a bulletin board, but it wouldn't load for me.

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