Does my homepage look funny?

I wrote this website using the CSS2 standards. Unfortunately, the browser world (read: Microsoft) has been slow to implement CSS1 and CSS2, and worse, what they do implement is often broken. Below are screenshots of what the page looks like in two fairly standards-compliant browsers, Mozilla 1.2 and Internet Explorer for the Macintosh.

As viewed in Mozilla 1.2.

As viewed in IE5 for Macs.

(Please be advised these files are about 115KB each!)

I know my homepage looks a little off in Opera, messes up in Safari, and generally looks horrible in some earlier browers. I have not done much of a survey of Windows browsers, however.

I have attempted to make my code degrade gracefully, but I may eventually be forced to do a little browser detecting to serve html-only to the worse offenders (we'll see).