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I'm Hypatia Kosh (athena_sappho @ yahoo.com), and this website is the home of my TOS fan fiction. I tend to write a lot of Kirk/Spock slash (K/S) because the two of them are just so darn cute, but I also write gen, femslash (f/f), and even some het, and I sometimes dabble in the other Treks and even other fandoms.

What's New

Some new stuff is coming soon for this website, both stories and new pages. For now, check out Blowing Smoke, in which Spock has an allergic reaction--not to Jim, fortunately.

You can now browse through Hypatia's TOS fic in TOS chronological order.

General Announcements

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Some Notes For The Reader:

Most of my work is only available in text files. The average file size is less than 10KB. The most popular stories in the static indices are marked with a star *. F/F (lesbian) fic is distinguished from the rest with a pink background. Please heed ratings and warnings.

Oh, and before you do anything stupid, look over the Copyright Notice and Disclaimer.

Vox Populi [collective]

Fan Art (All-Ages)

An Edifying Ditty By Farfalla

One night after their shift, Kirk and Spock decided to hang out and talk about all the reasons they weren't a couple. After Spock taught Kirk how to say 'zero' in Vulcan, and Kirk told Spock about the Mayans inventing the concept on Earth, they traced letters into each other's backs and tried to guess the words.

-Farfalla, October 1 2003

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Stories from 2001 to 2003 (Older stories have been moved to the archive page.) Here be K/S, and some f/f as well.

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Sexually Explicit Stories
(aka: Fuck the Tamer Shit, And Show Me The Erotica)

You'll find stuff like Kirk/Spock, T'Pol/Sato, Deanna Troi/m, K/S/f, Archer/T'Pol and other m/f and f/f behind Door #3.

I'm legal, I'm an adult, and I want to read boring adult mushy stuff.


TOS = The Original Series, aka Classic Trek, i.e. the 1960's STAR TREK.

drabble= A short piece of exactly 100 words. I don't know who invented them, or why they're called that, but there's a plague of them in K/S.

dribble = A short piece of exactly 50 words.

TAS = Star Trek, The Animated Series. The "forgotten" series of Star Trek is the Animated Series, which aired 22 episodes in 1972 and 1973 with the voices of most of the original cast.

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