EmGee's Trefoil Series

The Trefoil Series is the story of a threesome. Two of the three you probably already know: the characters Kirk and Spock from STAR TREK. The third is a newcomer: Claire Kendall, a character who is a creation of the author.

Since EmGee doesn't have a website, and there's a certain order to how her Trefoil stories are to be read; and furthermore since there's a dearth of decent K/S/f out there and I'd like to nudge EmGee to write more, I have created this page for EmGee's Trefoil series.

A note from EmGee (mgtrek@verizon.net):

All my Trefoil stories can be found at ASCEM-S and/or Trekiverse. The series is currently in a state of swiss cheese incompletion, with the hole-filling stories merely a gleam in my eye at present. Moreover, the stories that exist were not written in the chronological order in which they should be read. That order is as follows:

Seven Famines and a Feast - [R] for adult themes and heavy angst. K/S/f, drabbles Summary: Each day he starves a little more.
Homecoming - [R] for mature themes and sexual references. No actual sex. K/S/f, multiple Summary: Kirk and Spock come home on leave.
The Dress Incident - [G] S/f, drabble Summary: An article of clothing awakens an old memory.
Christmas by the Letters - [PG-13] K/S/f Summary: Just another day of holiday preparations for Kirk, Spock, and Claire. Written for my own alphabet challenge on the IDIC list. ABC/ZYX (in other words, alphabet front to back followed by back to front), with identical words used to start the sentences in each half.
Sexualis Interruptus - [NC-17] for sex, no violence. K/S/f.Summary: Kirk and Spock receive some correspondence from home that leads to a rather frustrating encounter.
Role Model - [PG-13] for mature themes and sexual references. No violence. K/S/f, challenge Summary: 'He's Gay, Jim' Challenge Story. More information would spoil the fun.
Home From the Hill - [R] for mature themes and a brief sexual reference. K/S/f, multiple (long) Summary: Withheld.
Afterwards - [PG-13] for discussions of death. No sex, no violence. S & Mc, drabble Summary: Drabble - reaction of two characters to the death of a third.
Afterwards - Another Perspective - [PG-13] for mature themes. K/S/f, Mc. Summary: Withheld.
Surrogate - [NC-17] for explicit and non-missionary sex. (K)/S/f. Summary: In the wake of Kirk's death, Spock and Claire begin to understand what his absence will mean to their own relationship.
Merry Little Christmas - [PG-13] for mature themes. No sex, no violence. K/S/f. (long) Summary: Spock and Claire do their best to get through their first Christmas without Kirk.

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