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Here are my G through PG-13 poems, drabbles and stories from 2001 to 2003. My most recent work can be found here and more explicit stories can be found here.

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Okay, just because I'm such a *nice* person, I'm going to mark the stories people actually liked, as opposed to the ones I liked, with a star *.

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An Edifying Ditty By Farfalla

One night after their shift, Kirk and Spock decided to hang out and talk about all the reasons they weren't a couple. After Spock taught Kirk how to say 'zero' in Vulcan, and Kirk told Spock about the Mayans inventing the concept on Earth, they traced letters into each other's backs and tried to guess the words.

-Farfalla, October 1 2003

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TOS = The Original Series, aka Classic Trek, i.e. the 1960's STAR TREK.

drabble= A short piece of exactly 100 words. I don't know who invented them, or why they're called that, but there's a plague of them in K/S.

dribble = A short piece of exactly 50 words.

S/Ch = Spock/Chapel. I know, I know -- blahhhhh. Well, never fear; I haven't given up on Chapel yet. Consider me a charter member of the Trekkies to Rehabilitate Christine Chapel.

TAS = Star Trek, The Animated Series. The "forgotten" series of Star Trek is the Animated Series, which aired 22 episodes in 1972 and 1973 with the voices of most of the original cast.

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