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I like to think of my K/S stories as possibilities, often very divergent ones, rather than portions of an overall storyline or "canon".

It's fun, however, to look at data in different ways. On this page you can browse through certain of my Classic Trek stories ordered according to the TOS timeline. I hope you have fun.

Academy Years
Ah, the joys of carefree scholastic life, pomp and circumstance and idle scholars finding love in spring showers.

Problem Solved (S/Mc)

Starfleet Officers

Old Friends (K/f)

The Five-Year Mission Begins
Each man is alien to each other, but through our separate walls we reach an understanding.

Drink Up (pre-K/S, humor)

An Expression of Love (McCoy/Barrows, pre-K/S)

The Interpretation of Dreams (K, Mc, drabble, pre-K/S humor)

Kirking Off (pre-K/S)

Under These Circumstances (Mc)

Amok Time
The terror of merciless' Nature's fury; once leashed, now loosed, devouring those she had so lately loved.

Amok Alternative (K/S)

Kirk Song (K, poem)

Fair Seducer (K/S) and The Morning After (K/S)

New Love
So desperate, so bright and fresh and wonderful and strange. Let me soothe your fears and doubts, let us not hesitate to seize the future!

He Wrapp't Me In His Arms (K/S, verse) - T'hy'la 25

Satellites and Orbits (K/S)

Breakers (K/S)

Apology Accepted (Spock/Kelinda, K/S)

In All His Glory (K/S)

Sweet Dreams (K/S)

Babble on Babel (K&S, Sarek, in verse)

Ophelia (Chapel/Rand, K/S implied)

Husband Material (K/S drabble)

The Spock Dating Game (S/Romulan Commander, S/Ch, S/Zarabeth, K/S)

TOS Legends: Genesis (K/S, AU)

Toys (K/S)

Dangerous Games
When lovers' appetites for all things light and airy/ give way to something dark and scary;/ When games start out with little spanks and bites,/ and carry on for endless velvet nights,/ Bring out the whips and chains with silver links./ The Night has fall'n and She belongs to kinks.

Never Say Velvet (K/S, parody)

Tea Party (K/S)

Penthouse Letter (K/S/f/f) and The Apology (K/S, BDSM)


Yet Another Rape-The-Ensign Fic (K/S/Chekov, BDSM)

After Hell (K/m, K/S implied)

Beloved Love
Beloved love, I rest my head against your breast and sigh the sighs of tingling joy.

Baby (K/S)

Blowing Smoke (K/S)

The Surrogate (K/S, S/m)

An Ode to Water (K/S)

Ourobouros (K/S)

Personal Phonetics (K/S, drabble)

James and the Giant Penis (K/S)

In Darkest Gol
A wintry wind sweeps through the desert; your bread is made of stone, and your dreams were made of sand.

Embers (K/S)

A Second Chance
Let me wipe the sweat and dust from your brow, weary traveler, and welcome you home.

On The Occasion of the TMP Director's Cut Release (K/Ciani implied, K/S, slight AU)

In The Nic of Time (K/S drabble, humor)

Buhfikat (K/S)

Less (K/S, K/Sarek, implied BDSM)

The Perfect Fucktoy (K/S, BDSM)

Hotel Headaches (K/S, drabble)

These hallowed halls shall shapely shipmates raise,/Our alma mater whom we rightly praise./ Bedecked in red our teachers helped us learn/ The ways of the silver stars for which we yearn.

How Spock Saved Christmas (K/S)

For The Man Who Has Everything (K/S drabble)

Polymath Perversity (Saavik/m/m)

Death and Rebirth
Is there no greater love than to give one's life for a friend? Or is it this: to give up everything to restore a friend to life?

Fear Not, My Jim (K/S, verse, character death)

Once Again (K/S)

Still Together
Time is long, but our love is longer, my friend.

Green Song (K/S, verse) - T'hy'la 25

They Walk in Shadow (K/S) - Uncross The Stars

Power (K/S)

I Love You, Man! (K,S drabble)

Thou Art With Me And I Love Thee Forever
Though I stand alone where once there stood we two, I shall not forsake your memory, and you.

An Honest Mistake (K/S, Barclay)

Salon (implied K/S, Garak/male, and Spock/male)

K/S is short for Kirk/Spock, which is a genre in which Kirk and Spock are lovers.

The stories on this page belong to a number of genres, including erotica, parody, and pulp sf.