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It all started . . . with me wanting to read some K/S/f. Preferrably K/S/f that I could stand. And then we were talking about Chapel, and S/Ch, and I suddenly had a brainstorm of sorts. So, on December 31st, 2002, I issued the original challenge on ASCEM.

And success! K/S/Ch became an ASCEM GO category for 2003. I'm immensely grateful to everyone who participated by writing kick-ass Kirk/Spock/Chapel stories. Here's hoping to see more K/S/Ch for many years to come.

I'm no longer posting the original challenge on the page because your wonderful stories have changed my mind about what it takes to make a good K/S/Ch story. At first I said 'no bigamy stories', ie, a triangle missing one leg. I've changed my mind about that. If you can make it work, go for it.

Some of the stories on this page are challenge responses. The rest of the links on this page are other K/S/Ch stories that I liked (or just really hated) for some reason or another . . .

Oh, and if you like to write Chapel and like challenges, join the Chapel Fest list, SickbaySweetheart!

Everything that follows is MY OPINION. So just keep that in mind. (And I don't have permission to archive any but the challenge entries. These are offsite links.)

The Wonderful World of Kirk/Spock/Chapel

Stories and Art

dancing street fighter: Ryu
dancing street fighter: Sakura
Marvel superhero: Psy
dancing street fighter: Sodom
dancing street fighter: Chun Li

You Will Be Assimilated: And V'ger Makes Four by Djinn (K/S/Ch, R) A clever rewriting of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and sequel to "Man and Man and Wife" (below). Hot and humorous.

A Gay Romp: Man and Man and Wife by Djinn (K/S/Ch, R) A humorous look at an m/m/f wedding. This is the kind of thing I issued that challenge for in the first place. **love** to Djinn. Part I, Part II, Part III.

Totally Silly: Have a Glass! by Farfalla (K/S/Ch, NC-17) - Now I hope I'm not giving anything away by revealing that this entire story is, in true Asimovian fashion, the setup for a horrible, horrible joke. This story is as silly as its inspiration. [View as Text]

Strange New Worlds: Remembered by Djinn (K/S/Ch, R) This is the sequel to "Forgotten," below. Read it first! - Kirk/Spock/Chapel as an established relationship within the context of earth and Starfleet? Djinn pulls it off--and earns many new fans with this sequel in her slight AU of the STverse. We're all waiting to see what will happen when movie events (like V'ger and The Probe) show up in this universe.

Holiday Cheer: Doorway by Farfalla (K/S/Ch, PG-13) - Great quote, tasty Hanukkah gelt of a story. You know, the kind that's pressed in the shape of kewl foreign coins with thick foil that you keep in your treasure box for weeks after all the chocolate is gone.

Tea for Three: Playtime in Alberta by Farfalla (K/S/Ch, NC-17) - Great threesome sex, where each one is getting the best of both worlds (but especially squishy Jimmy). Angst-free fun.

A Gentle Interlude: Forgotten by Djinn (K/S/Ch, R) - writing style described on ASC as "poetic" and "spare," respects everyone, meets the challenge beautifully, nice Kirk character points. Sad and yet hopeful despite all odds.

Best In Show: Intermezzo by Lyrastar (K/Ch, K/S, K/S/Ch, NC-17) - beautiful, respects everyone, especially Chapel, and some of the most beautiful K/S I've ever seen. So sweet.

Absu-fucking-funny: Christine's Interesting Shuttle Trip by J. Juls (K/S/Ch, NC-17) - Maybe it didn't quite meet the terms of the challenge, but who cares! Extra points for creativity in the area of . . . well, you'll see. [ View as Text]

Best three-way sex scene: And Then There Were Three by Guinevere (S/Ch, K/S, K/S/Ch, NC-17) - Farfalla found this on the web for me. Oh, my, god. Best K/S/f I've ever seen, hands down.

Sorrow and Suffering: Requital by JS Cavalcante (K/S, S/Ch, K/S/Ch--sorta) [Warning: story is in MS DOC format] - Well, I did not like this story, on account of the suffering Chapel goes through. (I should note that it is not at Kirk and Spock's hands.) However, I was fortunate enough to have a talk with JSC about the story and her reasons for writing, and it's clear to me now that she was exploring an idea suggested by the episode it is based on, and not sticking it to Christine just to show to S/Ch crowd, or whatever it was a thought she was out to do. It's a very well-written story, although it's only K/S/Ch in a technical sense. (It begins and ends K/S ER.) To be blunt about the story content, it considers the aftermath of Hennock ("Return to Tomorrow") raping Chapel. I've always had a problem with women being raped in stories so content-wise it was not for me, but if you can handle that aspect and the not-so-happy ending, then there's no reason to pass up a well-written story and an interesting look at Spock.

Bigamy: Food For Thought by T'Lin (S/Ch, K/S, NC-17) - I completely forgot about this story, which is a sequel to "The Healing Power of Plomeek Soup" (S/Ch). It is a bigamy story, with an open ending. It may be interesting to compare this story to Divided Loyalties, below.

Past Master!: Angels: Home for Christmas by Gamin Davis (S/Ch K/S/Ch, PG-13) - Gamin swears this is an S/Ch story. Uh, sure, whatever you say. Repression never tasted this good. (Gamin's comment: "I can't control how you interpret my stories.")

And, the story that started it all: Sweet Revenge and Divided Loyalties by JM Lane (K/S, S/Ch, NC-17) - Everything a Kirk, Spock and Chapel story shouldn't be, and thus, the impetus for this fest. (I think you can find Sweet Revenge by following the links on this page.) JM Lane was not at all pleased to find out I linked to her story in this way. Too bad! In her defense, she claims this is how she honestly thinks a K/S/Ch situation would turn out. The point of the K/S/Ch challenge is to prove her wrong.

And I just have to add, having reread Divided Loyalties (long--it took me three days), that the patronizing attitude towards gays which pervades the story is flatly insulting. It's hard to describe how bad this story is, in so many ways. Simply put, it's a world where Spock's needs come before everyone else's--and it's not just Spock who thinks this. It's stuck firmly in id-land, and it's not a pleasant id-land by any means.

General Messing With Christine (not K/S/Ch)

A Willing Soul by Chris Dickenson (Spock/McCoy/Chapel, m/m, NC-17, mild non-consensuality) - If you like sex, and like Trek, well, this is a great story. Highly recommended!

Personal Reasons by Jat_Sapphire (K/S, Ch/?, PG) - An answer to the "He's gay, Jim," challenge. Just havin' a little fun with Chris Chapel . . .

A Starship Named Desire by Farfalla (S/Ch, K/S, R) - Well, you know, the designs of mice, men and medical students so often go astray.

Waltz by Hypatia Kosh (K&Ch, K/S implied, G) - Chapel meets a new old friend. From the ChapelFest.

More Chapel stories that I've liked, including S/Ch and K/Ch, are linked to from the Chapel section of Acidqueen's Womyn's Corner link list. Lots of good finds there.

Copyright notice and disclaimer for the stories and links hosted on this site.

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