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Every once in a while I make a big ol' pile of story recommendations. The ones I pick depend on what I've been reading, and what I like.

2003 Rec List - Hot sex and humor and humorous sex stories

2002 Rec List - K/S, Spock/Picard and other goodies

Check out the TOS Hypertext Round Robin! It's got lots of good stuff (oh, K/S, K/C, S by himself, a big fat orgy . . .) including two sections by yours truly (and a third, if I ever get the guts to finish it!).


Brand new: Women of TOS - All about the fabulous femmes, vamping villians and eye-catching extras of STAR TREK, the original series. Trek had its sexist moments, but it also was an agent of women's lib. Never before on television had women stood side by side with men as soldiers and heros. These incredible women for the first time are given the individual attention they deserve as the trailblazers and delicious divas that they were.

Gay Star Trek - TOS had "Metamorphosis." Enterprise has . . . T&A? Whatever happened to tackling social issues head-on?

Links that I like:

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