Star Trek Original Series Fan Fiction Mailing Lists

What you'll find here are mailing lists, newsgroups and story archives for Star Trek fan fiction.

I've tried to arrange listings in each category in a somewhat logical order, importance/generality/activity level leading the list.



These groups are available, in part, as Yahoo!Groups (see below). Both ASC and ASCEM are accessible using Google Groups, although posting to ASCEM via UseNet has become increasingly unreliable. Old posts are available in both the Google and e-Scribe archives. ASC* FAQs (please look over before posting, especially before posting fic -- many TOS mailing lists also use ASC/EM coding for stories).

Star Trek Yahoo Groups Mailing Lists

Notice: All Peja-owned lists are in the process of being moved to from Yahoo!Groups.

Some Yahoo groups are restricted to adults only. Such groups are marked [A].

*The Axes of Trek-fic -- most important clearinghouses for all your Trekfic needs

ASCL ASC stories-only group, for people with poor newsfeeds.

ASCEM-S The ASCEM stories-only group. This list is an "announce" type list. The archivist posts stories posted to ASCEM(L) to ASCEM-S, for those who only have time to read the stories. Moderators: ASC* volunteers.

ASCEML The ASCEM mailing list. Stories and discussion. Moderators: ASC* volunteers. Moderation is in place to eliminate spam.


Fan Email Lists - Fully automated database of fan email lists, including story lists.

STorylocator Ever gone crazy trying to find some Star Trek story that you remember was really good, but now can't even remember the name of? This is the group for you.

TrekCreative A list for the discussion and creation of fan fiction, about, and related to Star Trek, and/or other Science Fiction and Fantasy subjects. The descendent of the FIDO echo Star_Trek_Creative, it boasts a long history, is very active, and is home to lots of old school Trekkies.

trekfic A list for episode discussion and Star Trek fanfiction -- no slash, PG-13. I know nothing about this list. Fairly active.

EnterpriseandBeyond A Yahoogroup for the ASC crowd; ostensibly all series but posting mainly TOS and VOY fan fiction.

TrekTales Dedicated to the writing and preservation of classic Star Trek fan fiction. Fairly active list.

Star Trek Fan-fic Web Updates A "group is for the announcement of updates to Star Trek fan fiction themed websites. If you have a Trek fan-fic site and would like to let other fans know when you've updated, post a message and a link here." List-owner: Claire.

*Grab bag

What do all these terms mean?

"Slash" means fan-fiction about sexual relationships between characters of the same sex (m/m or f/f).
"Femslash" specifically refers to f/f fanfiction.
"Adult" means sexually explicit material.
"K/S" means Kirk/Spock, whereas "K&S" means Kirk and Spock friendship stories. (You can find more character codes in the ASC codes FAQ. I.e. U/R = Uhura/Rand; Mc/Saa = McCoy/Saavik.)

TOSslash4teens Just what it says--an original series slash list for teenagers. Age-appropriate content only, please. Moderator: Farfalla.

TOSHetFanFicForum An inviting place where readers and writers of het romance can exchange ideas, fiction, and feedback. Not a slash-bashing group, just a constructive response to the paucity of het being posted these days. List-owner: Ava. [A]

Captain_Kirk A Captain Kirk fiction and discussion group. Open archives and membership. List-owner: KSPonFarr.

StarTrekClassicFic A mailing list for TOS fiction, including adult-themed stories. All stories posted to the list are archived in the WWOMB. List-owner: Peja. [A]

spacesex "Quark's Bar" alien sex, raunchy and pornographic. [A]

Threes_Divine Two's Company, Three's Divine! Devoted to Star Trek threesomes (or foursomes or moresomes) in any series--K/S/Mc, O/K/O'B, C/T/Yar--whatever tickles your fancy. List-owner: The Acidqueen. [A]

COCO_CHANNEL The COCO/SSD mailing list. This list is a haven for Chekov fic, S/Mc, multiple pairings and unusual pairings, both slash and het in TOS. List-owner: Karmen Ghia. [A]

tos-up TOS-Up is a humor, discussion and story list for all the Trek series, from TOS on up. List-owner: Laura Goodwin. [A]

*The Women!

Femme_Fuh-q_Fest The mailing list of the Femme Fuh-q Fest. The FFF is an f/f list, obviously, for the women of Star Trek, in every series. For participants only/no lurkers. List-owner: T'Lin. [A]

UhuraFest Uhura -- the gorgeous, resourceful and musically talented comm officer of the Enterprise. This list is for writing and betaing Uhura fic; no lurkers. List-owner: Farfalla.

roseandgold The Uhura/Chekov list. Comes with its own spiffy website. List-owner: Farfalla.

SickbaySweetheart Nurse Christine Chapel, later Chris Chapel, M.D., is the Enterprise's Sickbay Sweetheart. A fest for Chapel fic, het, gen or slash allowed. List-owner: Farfalla.

majchar Fanfic for any of Majel Barrett's numerous characters: Number One, Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi -- even the computer! E:FC and B5 Majel fic is also allowed. Majchar Homepage and Archive.

*McCoy, Leonard H., Son of David

SpockMcCoyHaven A Spock/McCoy list. For SpockMcCoyotes everywhere. Moderator is Janet Sykes. [A]

BonesLives McCoy fic, of any kind. All stories posted to the list are archived in the WWOMB. List-owner: Peja. [A]

KirkMcCoyFest Kirk/McCoy -- the pairing of the Future. Check out the homepage. List-owner: T'Len. [A]

SweetGeorgiaLovin McCoy the ladies' man--McCoy/female fanfic. Fancy McCoy with Barrows, Chapel, or Kirk after the surgery? This is the place. List-owner: Farfalla. [A]

*Favorite Vulcans

VulcanRomulanfic 18+ discussion and fanfic of Vulcans and Romulans, all series plus pro-novels, all time periods. (very active)

Sarek_and_Amanda Sarek/Amanda stories and discussion; has its own archive. New and active. List-owners: Selek, Saidicam and Bert/T'Ryl [A]

Vulcans1stFamily Vulcan's First Family--Sarek, Amanda, and Spock. A general audience group devoted to stories about the fan's favorite Vulcan family. List-owner: Gamin Davis.

SaavikLovers Created as a place to post R and NC-17 Saavik fics. All Saavik pairings and all ratings welcome. List-owner: Wesley. [A]

SaavikUnlimited All Saavik pairings allowed, as well as Saavik fic without pairings. R and NC-17 fic should be posted to SaavikLovers (above).

GenesisPlanet A Spock/Saavik fanfic and discussion list; unpaired Saavik also welcome. Adult fics should be posted to SaavikLovers (above).

SomethingMorePermanent A list dedicated to the relationship between Spock and the Romulan Commander from "The Enterprise Incident." A fest is in progress, but there's little activity.

*K/S and K&S

KirkSpockCentral A clearinghouse for all things Kirk/Spock, and only Kirk/Spock. Zine readers hang out here. Moderators: Jenna Sinclair, Gilda. On-topic discussion is narrowly defined and enforced.

KirkSpockSnuggle KiSS is a group for K/S fic, discussion and analysis. Unlike other lists, little is out-of-bounds--kink, threesomes, and questions of authorial intent on the part of the scriptwriters are all in the mix. Authors, readers, and cranks invited. Lesbians also invited! Fomenting online K/S action is the name of the game. List-owner: Farfalla.

KirkSpockFriendsForever K&S No Slash Allowed list. G/PG. Angst and cute-fics posted. List-owner: Gamin Davis.

KirkLovesSpockFic A mailing list for K/S, K/? and S/? fiction and discussion. All stories posted to the list are archived in the WWOMB. List-owner: Peja. Less active than it used to be. [A]

KirkSpockFest The Kirk-Spock Online Festival (KSOF) list. K/S story challenges are assigned to participants. Stories are archived on Participants only/no lurkers. Moderator: Lady Kardasi. [A]

SBS-ezine The mailing list mirror for the e-zine Side By Side. Side By Side is an online K/S zine. When SBS comes out, mailing list subscribers are sent the zine's stories (in text format) and art. Subs can also post comments (including story feedback) to the list (but not stories). This list was created to encourage feedback from readers to creators. List-owner: Lady Kardasi. [A]

startrekkirkandspockgroup A K/S list for anime fans. List-owner: BUNNY!.

germanks A german-language K/S list. Kirk/Spock auf Deutsch. German K/S Archive. List-owner: TOS Twins


SpockandChristine By far the largest S/Ch group, 18+, Spock and Christine as a couple, discussion and fan-fics allowed. It's bigger than KSC! list-owner: ASCEM troll Ronda Sexton

Spock_N_Christine_Lovers S/Ch 18+ mild slash content allowed, S/? and Ch/? allowed. SNCL Stories [.doc file-format]. And the old archive. list-owner: Kiristeen ke Alaya.

SpockChristineRomance S/Ch from friendship to "old-fashioned ~Romance~", all ages, G to PG-13, G preferred. list-owner: Gamin Davis

*General Discussion non-English-language Lists

skst Czech-language Star Trek discussion group: "Nasou ulohou je vytvorit scenar filmu, odohravajucom sa v prostredi Star treku, a natocit ho. Je to tak jednoduche."

startrek_fanfilm A Swedish language discussion group for Star Trek fan films.

StarTrek-Stories German language group: "In dieser Liste schreiben Fans ihre eigene StarTrek-Story. Es ist kein Rollenspiel sondern mehr eine Neverending Story. Jeder, der seinen Teil dazu bei tragen möchte oder Lust an Fan Fiction hat, ist herzlich eingeladen." (Not an RPG, rather a "neverending story." Anyone who wants to take part or has an interest in fan fiction is cordially invited.) May be dead.

*Zine-oriented Lists

Don't see your list here? Drop me a line. I'm looking for more Original Series mailing lists and archives, and I'd prefer mailing lists that aren't utterly dead. Please send me additions and corrections! -- Hypatia Kosh (athena_sappho at

Trek Zines Central A clearinghouse for fans, writers and artists of Star Trek zines, be they het, gen, slash, hurt/comfort. Pretty brand-spanking new list. List-owner: Gamin Davis

KSReview K/S Review is a list for K/S zine reviews. Many K/S fans have felt the frustration in trying to choose a K/S zine they will like out of the hundreds published since the mid-1970's. This list will help take the mystery out of buying. List-owner: Lady Kardasi

Star Trek Mailing Lists on Squidge

Peja's lists -- pester me and I'll get around to listing them. Somebody on those lists could give me pointers, hint hint.

blts Better Living Through Trekstories -- Originally created as an alternative to overly spammed ASCE (which has been replaced by ASCEM), but still going. BLTS posts fic from both the newsgroups and the various Trek mailings lists, both het and slash. list-owner: anne in chicago.

Star Trek Communities on LiveJournal

kirkspock_recs A rec list for K/S stories in zines and on the net.

treksoap An all Trek series role-playing community. The dish for TOS fans: Spock and McCoy are married.

For A Fee

KSPress The K/S Press is a monthly newsletter devoted to K/S print fandom. Subscribers may avail themselves of the K/S Library (which has both a European and a North American branch), a collection of many rare and out-of-print zines, which may be borrowed for the price of postage. The newsletter is available via email (cheaper) as well as via post.

For Writers

Beta Reader's Index - A list of beta readers available for all series of Star Trek, from G stories to NC-17. Contains very detailed information about each beta's strengths and preferences. Jump to: TOS Betas.

The Muses' Sector - Another group of Star Trek betas. They claim to do TOS, although they don't seem to have any TOS in their archive of betaed stories. Star Trek Beta List - Numerous listing with fic type, special talents, and preferences outlined.

In general, the best way to find betas is to a join a list devoted to the kind of TOS fiction you like, and ask if anyone would like to beta. Or find an online author whose fiction you like and ask them if they'd like to beta your story.

T'Guess' K/S Linklist also has a lot of links to writers' and erotica writers' resources on the web.

Star Trek Story Archives

Trekiverse -- The official ASC* archive. Formerly located at, in true Trek spirit it can be found in three Mirror Universes: Mirror 1, Mirror 2 and Mirror 3 Add "frame.html" to the url for frames or "noframe.html" for no frames. If you are using the ASC* Search function to search the archive, I suggest you choose the no frames version.

Google Groups Archive - Search all the posts (including stories) since time of the beginning in ASC, ASCEM and the defunct groups ASCE and ASFS.

ASCEML on eScribe - Searchable and user-friendly.

DMOZ - Find lots of Original Series stories via the links on Adult Star Trek, Adult TOS, Adult TOS Authors, Gen Star Trek Fiction, Gen TOS Fiction.

Better Living Through Trekstories - Impressive archive of Trek stories from all series (a lot of it has also been posted to ASC* groups) which were posted to the BLTS list (see above under "squidge"). Includes both het and slash. Originally known as Better Living Through Treksmut. Archivist: anne in chicago

The Star Fleet Ladies' Auxiliary And Embroidery/Baking Society Bibliography - Early women's Star Trek fiction on the web. 1992-1995.

Orion Archives - gen only Original Series story archive.

Tantalus Revisited Stories from the TOS genzine Tantalus.

1001 Trek Tales - gen and erotic Star Trek stories, saved from old printzines.

ScoTpress - Eighties gen press now bringing its old stories online. - Includes the KSOF 2000 and 2002 archives, the SFF archive, the 2002 and 2003 Advent Calendars and SBS.

The First Five Years -- Classic Zine Stories - An archive of stories by many classic Star Trek zine authors (gen fic).

Fanfiction Paradies - auf Deutsch (German language only). Fanfiction Paradies ist der grossten deutsch-sprächigen Story-Archiv auf dem WWW. Hier findet man TOS/TAS Stories von machen AutorInnen und wichtige Links. - Dedicated to Saavik and Spock/Saavik (S/Saa). Features fanfiction, fan art, book listings, fests and even fan-made movies. Archivist: Kerjen

COCO_SSD archive - includes the KFF and numerious Chekov stories, among other things. primarily slash. Archivist: Karmen Ghia

Spock and Christine Fan Fiction Page - The online archive of SpockandChristine list. I find it kind of ironic that the "Spock and Christine" picture up top is cropped to remove Kirk -- it's always about Kirk! -- from the picture. Kirk, confused because of amnesia, and flat on his back having just been stoned, is the reason for their shared concern.

Femme Fuh-q Fest - an ever-growing archive of Femme Fuh-q Fest stories -- all f/f, all Trek series. Great variety. Archivist: T'Lin

The Archive Formerly Known As Star Trek Stories for Teens - This archive was started by some teenagers who are teens no longer. The name is changed, but the archive remains.

All-Ages K/S Archive - G to PG-13 K/S and K&S stories, poems and fiction. Nothing more explicit than kissing. Because being gay is not pornographic. Archivist: Farfalla

ClassiK/S - A German-language archive of K/S stories from the German K/S zine AmoK TimeS. (To get to the archive, click on "Stories" in the left-side frame. There is also some art; click on "Bilder.") TOS Stories - a few TOS stories by various authors.

TOS on - (sometimes called "") G to PG-13 stories only. Star Trek stories are posted here, many by teenyboppers, many of dubious quality.

TOS on - New stories spotted here. Gotta catch 'em all!

Adult Fanzines on Includes many of the current K/S publishers.

Other Websites

Kirk/Spock Story and Art Archive - A Kirk/Spock link directory created by T'Guess. Scripted; you can add your own links.

Farfalla's K/S Authors links page - Find just about any K/S website here, including Killa's actual, current url.

All Your Trek Are Belong To Us - Laura Goodwin's "Silly Star Trek Obsession." Makes the case for K/S -- and you ain't never seen it like this!

Mike Golden's TOS parodies - Serious humor here, folks. - Just what it says. Have a ball (no pun intended).

I hope this page has been useful for you. Once again, please send me corrections and additions. My email is athena_sappho "at" yahoo.

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