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This notice pertains to the original fiction, art and other content in the fan fiction section (hypatia.slashcity.org/slash/) of hypatia.slashcity.org.

In accordance with the policies of Slashcity, and the laws of the United States of America, the sexually explicit material hosted on this site can only be accessed via the link labeled "I'm Legal." I take no responsibility for material in off-site links. I do not link to any known spammers or payporn sites, but I do link to pages with written material of a sexually explicit nature. It is the responsibility of the browser to exercise discretion, and use the back button when necessary.

[[June 2003]] In a slight alteration of site policy, I've started making works by others hosted on this site available to search engine spiders. My own work is still blocked. Those works by others do have appropriate warnings and it is my hope that this will be both fair to the authors hosted here and will not lead to unfortuate complications.

Copyright Info: all work copyright Hypatia Kosh. You may download a copy onto your computer, and make as many printouts and backup copies as you like. However, you cannot post this work on your website without permission, specifically MINE.

If you're in the mood for plagiarism: basically, all these works are offered under GNU public license. In other words, as they used to say back in the 17th century, return the favor. If you borrow my words, then your story had better not suck.

All works are FAIR USE as defined by US law, though they may include material which comes under Paramount (VIACOM) copyrights. In the US the definition of obscenity rests on "community standards." These works are considered to have artistic merit and are not obscene in the community in which they were offered, that community being the online slash and K/S community, which includes but is not limited to alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, KirkLovesSpockFic, SideBySide, Femme Fuh-q Fest, TOS-UP, KirkSpockCentral and associated websites. This website has only been advertised within that community. If you are not a part of that community, or are unwilling to accept its standards, then you should GET LOST NOW!

Now that we've gotten that cleared out of the way, on to the fic!

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