Author: T'Lin ( LinkyS @ aol.com )
Series: between ENT & TOS
Code: MU Sa/Am (T/R mentioned, but not the focus of this story)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sarek, newly appointed to Earth, has little respect for humans ... until he meets Admiral Reed, and his assistant, Amanda Greyson.

Note: Written in answer to T'Guess' challenge - Write a MU Sa/Am story adding a whole new twist on why Sarek later says about marrying her, "It was the logical thing to do."
Note 2: Inspired by T'Guess' wonderful MU illos

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Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own the TREK universes on both sides of the mirror. This journey into the Mirror Universe is only a temporary one. I promise to return everyone to their proper place when I am through with them. This original work of fan fiction is by T'Lin, 27 July, 2003
Warning: Contains actions that are not typically associated with these characters . . . but this *is* the Mirror Universe, where anything can happen.

This story is part of the Sarek Fun Fest.

by T'Lin

As diplomatic Posts go, Sarek could have done better. Humans gave him little challenge. As a whole, they lacked integrity. Their lofty ideals, so diametrically opposed to Vulcan ideals, should have been a true test of ones diplomatic skills. But what good are ideals, if they are so easily set aside? Their lack of integrity would do nothing to help him advance as a diplomat.

Sarek would have preferred to be stationed on Andor, or Tellar ... now they were species who had some backbone! It took a great deal of finesse to sway their way of thinking so that it harmonized with the Vulcan view of the universe.

Of course, even with humans, there were exceptions. Throughout their brief shared history, humans had not always given in to the will of their Vulcan Overseers. The most well known dissenter had been Captain Jonathan Archer. Through his sheer stubbornness, he ascended to the captaincy of the first Warp 5 Starship -- much to the dismay of Ambassador Soval, and his staff.

Had his science officer, T'Pol, not assassinated him on ENTERPRISE's first mission, there is no telling what havoc he could have created to the balance of power on Earth. As things currently stand, however, few humans remembered Jonathan Archer. The only reason Sarek knew anything about the man was that he had thoroughly researched his current assignment -- diplomatic liaison to Admiral Malcolm Reed, the man who assisted T'Pol in the assassination of Jonathan Archer and Charles Tucker, III.


The NX class of starship was being phased out. Admiral Reed, under the controlling influence of Prefect T'Pol, had been placed in change of training personnel for assignment to the new class of starship ... the DY-Heavy Cruiser, whose main purpose was to intimidate all who come in contact with her.

The days of simple exploration for the sake of exploration were over ... space was a dangerous place. It had always been a dangerous place, but humans had a tendency to overlook the reality of it with their sentimental views. The NX class was a ship for exploration. They lacked firepower, speed, maneuverability and shielding. Of the original 10 ships in the fleet, all but one, ENTERPRISE, had been destroyed by Klingons, or other dangers in the void. How ENTERPRISE survived is a mystery to most, but not to her crew, or the Vulcan High Command.

Under the leadership of T'Pol and Reed, the crew became ruthless ... when unknown threats came their way, the motto 'shoot, then ask questions' became their modus operandi. The crew had learned their lessons well . . . do as you're told, or be killed. T'Pol made sure of it. After having assassinated Archer to become Captain, she instilled fear in them. When Tucker was killed trying to apprehend her, her hold on the rest of the crew was sealed.

Reed had proven to be her most valuable asset aboard ship, having always loathed the style of command -- or lack of it -- that Archer wanted. As the new First Officer, he was able to set the tone and level of discipline to ensure the overall safety of the crew, and survival in such a hostile environment as deep space.

It was that level of dedication to T'Pol that ensured his rise through the ranks ... not to mention his more private talents. Their working (and personal) relationship made them invincible . . . their crew, top notch. There was no doubt in the minds of the Vulcan High Command, that together, they would mold the new Imperial Fleet of the Earth/Vulcan Alliance into a formidable foe for all who opposed them.


Sarek arrived at Admiral Reed's office for his first meeting with the legendary military leader. He was punctual, as was his habit, yet he was told that the Admiral was busy and he would have to wait. This casual dismissal irritated him, but as a junior diplomat, he had come to expect this kind of treatment from the humans.

After nearly 30 minutes had passed, he stood, intending to tell the Admiral's secretary that he had another appointment, and that the Admiral could contact his office to reschedule their meeting. But as he stepped forward, the door to Reed's office opened, and two people stepped out.

The first was undoubtedly Prefect T'Pol, for although Sarek had never met her, her likeness was familiar to everyone ... petite, yet well endowed, dressed entirely in skin-tight black leather that left nothing to the imagination. Even with the four-inch heals on her thigh-high boots, she was below average in height, yet there was a presence about her that made one feel as if they were looking up at her.

But it was not the Prefect which had caught Sarek's attention ... it was the human female that was with her. Like T'Pol, she was clad in black leather ... skin-tight pants tucked into knee-high boots, and a vest that barely covered her ample breasts. The long knives sheathed along her arms were reminiscent of the warrior cast of his people. If it weren't for the long, flowing blonde hair, and her complexion, she could easily be mistaken for a Vulcan.

The two females were deep in conversation, and paid no attention to him as he continued to watch them. The sound of someone clearing their throat brought him back to himself a moment later, and he turned to see a small, gray haired man standing in the doorway to Reed's office. A quick glance of the insignia on the mans uniform informed Sarek that this was the Admiral.

It took all of his mental abilities to prevent the shock of this insight from being expressed on his face. He had assumed that Reed would be far more formidable ... the impression Sarek had gotten, through his reading on the man's exploits, was of someone larger-than-life.

Short and thin, even by human standards, Reed could be considered rather feminine in appearance. That is, until one looked into his eyes ... they were an intense blue; cold and hard. There was a shrewdness in them that stood up to his reputation, even if his stature did not.

He lifted his hand in salute, saying, "Forgive the delay, Ambassador. The Prefect and I were instructing my assistant on how she is to serve you while you are assigned to this office ... and she was a bit ... shall we say ... reluctant." As he said this last, his eyes shifted to the two women.

Sarek saw the human turn toward them, contempt in her eyes. The Prefect slapped her across the face, but she refused to lower her eyes in submission. "Fascinating," Sarek whispered, as he assessed the level of defiance. It was rare to see one so young refuse to submit to her betters ... especially when they were Vulcan. He returned his attention to Reed, asking, "In what capacity is she to serve me?"

With a lecherous glare, Reed answered, "In any way you see fit. She has been instructed to serve your every whim." He looked at her once again, and Sarek could feel the lust pouring from the old man as he continued, "She is a defiant one, but that is part of the fun in subduing her. Do not hesitate to punish her, if she defies you. You'll find that the results are quite pleasurable."

The human woman had still not averted her eyes. Sarek could see the loathing for this small man in them, and he began to admire her for it ... it took a great deal of courage to openly defy a man such as Reed. "I am sure she will be adequate," Sarek said, as he, too, gave her a more intense scrutiny. When he made eye contact with her, he saw only curiosity, not fear. He inclined his head ever so slightly, then returned his attention to Reed, asking, "What is her name?"

"She is Amanda ... she is skilled in languages. Until now, she has been working with the ship designers to improve the Universal Translation devises on our ships. It is in this capacity that she will be working with you, officially ... what you do with her on your off time is entirely up to you." Reed picked a disk off of his secretaries desk, and handed it to Sarek. "Here you will find your assignments for the next month, as well as contact information and deadlines. The equal partnership between Human and Vulcan that this new Alliance has created must endure if we are to survive the coming years. There is war coming, a war that makes it vital that this work be done quickly, and efficiently." Reed glared at Sarek, adding, "I have been told that you are up to the challenge ... do not disappoint me ... or it will be the last assignment you ever have."

Sarek bowed slightly, knowing that the formal gesture would appease the ego of the haughty human, as he said, "Understood. You will not be disappointed, I assure you. If I may take my leave ..."

"By all means, and take her with you," Reed said, dismissing Sarek and his human assistant. Turning to T'Pol, he added, "Prefect, a moment of your time, if you please."

"Of course, Admiral," she said, then whispered something to Amanda before stepping away from her. Sarek couldn't help but notice the blush that came over her fair complexion, and vowed to himself to find out what the Prefect had said that could result in such a reaction, when all the glaring and lustful looks of Reed had garnered no results but contempt.

He turned to Amanda and said, "Attend me," walking out the door, knowing that she would be a fool to ignore his command.


Sarek's office was five levels below that of the Admiral's ... more a sign of his lowly position within the Diplomatic Corps of the Vulcan High Command than anything else. The room was small, but adequate. Once there, he removed his ceremonial robe ... the slight intake of breath behind him made him smile slightly. He knew that his body was impressive, and obviously, the human had noticed. He turned to face her, moving slowly so that she could appreciate the full effect of his well sculpted form.

When their eyes met, he lifted his brow quizzically. She did not disappoint him, as she said, "I had heard that Vulcan males were well proportioned," then she winked, and added, "a welcome change from the Admiral, if I do say so myself."

"You do not care for him, I gather." It was obvious from her actions, but Sarek wanted to hear her admit it openly.

"What is there to care for? He is small, and weak, and sadistic ... he knows nothing of pleasure that is not derived from pain." Her contempt for the Admiral was clear, making Sarek wonder what it was about him, a total stranger, that made her feel comfortable enough to speak so openly.

He decided to test her, by asking, "What makes you think I am not as he is? Or possibly worse? You do not know me ... or my appetites."

Amanda took a few steps toward him, so that she was within touching distance, yet she did not touch him. instead, she looked him straight in the eye for a moment, and said, "I may not know you, but I do know you," and to emphasize the last, she touched his temple. She continued, "I have an unusual talent among my people, in that I can sense the innermost . . . emotions, for lack of a better word. It's as if I can see into the mind and heart of most people I encounter, and know whether they are good or evil . . . and you, Ambassador, fall into the 'good' category."

He smiled ever so slightly, and said, "I do hope you will keep that to yourself ... I doubt I would go far in the Diplomatic Corps if I cannot present myself as being a bit ruthless when it comes to negotiations."

"Your secret is safe with me ... however," she smiled at him, "it is entirely up to you when it comes to proving your ruthlessness." Her fingers had still been on his temple, so she slowly ran them back along the delicate point of his ear before pulling her hand away. She was pleased to see the slight shiver her touch had elicited in him.

As she pulled her hand away, Sarek reached up, and grabbed hold of her wrist. "Oh, I can be quite ruthless ... never doubt it." Their eyes were locked ... their only contact was the hold Sarek had on her wrist. The intensity of the moment should have made her fearful of him, but all he was sensing was deep interest, and desire. "Fascinating," he said, as he released her and stepped back slightly.

"Shall we get to work?" Sarek asked ... he needed to distance himself from the emotions he was feeling, and work was the best way to do that. "Tell me all you know about the project we are to work on. I would rather hear your views, as someone who has been actively involved in the project, before I read the Admiral's."

And so, they spent the next several hours going over all the pertinent data regarding the linguistics project that had integrated the Earth-based and Vulcan-based systems into one. Merging the technologies had been rather simple in comparison to the task ahead of them -- integrating personnel.

Both Sarek and Amanda knew that their task was a difficult one. With nearly one-hundred years of Vulcan domination of Earth, the humans were angry and rebellious ... but there was nothing more dangerous than a defeated Vulcan. To suddenly find themselves on an equal footing with the very beings they had oppressed for so long ... many would not take the change in status well.


It didn't take long for Sarek to come to the conclusion that the younger the Vulcan, the better suited he or she would be to working with the Humans as equals ... the same could be said for the Humans. It was only logical, of course, since they did not have a lifetime of preconceived notions about one another to overcome.

It was decided by the Admirals and Prefects of the Imperial Command that each new ship of the line would have an equal number of Human and Vulcan officers aboard. It was Sarek's task to interview candidates, and assign personnel to each ship that would work well together.

Thousands of applicants presented their credentials ... Sarek and Amanda spent endless hours reading through them, discarding those who would never work out, and pairing up potential command teams based on the applications. It was tedious work, but essential.

They worked well together, seldom arguing over choices. Of course, at this juncture, nothing was set in stone ... each and every candidate that was chosen would be interviewed, then potential teams would be brought together for a period of time, to see if they could work together.

Sarek knew that Amanda's participation in the interview process would be invaluable ... her 'talent' for reading people would aid him in creating well balanced command teams. He was pleased that she had agreed to aid him in this way ... and not for the first time, he thought about making her a permanent part of his diplomatic team when it was time to move on to another assignment.

He watched her as she worked ... it had been nearly two weeks since they had met. It seemed as if he had always known her. His brief, but frequent, conversations with Admiral Reed always ended with a snide remark about her ... for which Sarek was growing irritated. Obviously, Reed assumed that he was sexually abusing and torturing the woman ... apparently Reed had told her to expect such treatment.

But that wasn't Sarek's style ... he found no pleasure in forcing himself on anyone. Nor did he want to be with someone simply because they have been told to submit. So for the past two weeks, he had left her alone ... despite the desire he felt for her, and from her.

Besides, they had had too much work to do. But tonight, they would finish the preliminary work ... the interviews would start in two days time. They deserved some off time, and a bit of recreation.

Suddenly, Amanda looked up from what she was doing and said with a smile, "A penny for your thoughts?"

The sound of her voice startled him, and he flinched slightly, his ear tips blushing green. "What?" he asked, understanding her question, but using her use of the colloquialism as an excuse to buy time for himself.

She smiled, knowing full well that he knew what she had meant, but clarifying anyway, "You appeared lost in thought ... I was just curious." She then turned back to the stack of papers in front of her, and said, "These will be done in an hour. Do you have plans for this evening?"

"You read my mind," he said with a raised brow. It was uncanny how she could do that, he thought, before adding aloud, "I was thinking how we both deserve some recreation for a day or two." He stood, and crossed the room to stand behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders as he continued, "I was wondering if you could suggest a nice quiet place, where we could go ... without risk of being ... disturbed." His voice had grown husky, as his hands explored her neck and shoulders. On the last word, he bent and kissed the back of her neck, as he had read that human females liked.

She shuddered, and he noted that her breathing had become more labored. She leaned back against him, and lifted her hand to cover his as it lay on her shoulder, as she said, "Yes, I know the perfect place ... but if you continue what you're doing, I'll never get this work done." She then lifted his hand off her shoulder, and turned her head to kiss his palm and lick along the length of his fingers.

She had obviously been reading up on Vulcan pleasures, as well. "You are quite right ... I will leave you to your paperwork." He stepped away from her, trying to compose himself. "I have a meeting with the Admiral, and will be back in an hour. I expect you to be finished by then."

"I will be done, I promise." Amanda deliberately turned away from Sarek, knowing that at long last, they would consummate their relationship that night ... and perhaps, if she pleased him, she could get out of this hell hole she called home.


Three hours later, they were in a small cabin, on a lake, in the middle of nowhere. Much to Sarek's surprise, there was not even a comm unit. Oh, in an emergency, he could always be located through his intradermal transponder, but he did not anticipate any emergencies arising.

Amanda had prepared a light meal when they first arrived, for neither of them had eaten before leaving the city. She had also provided some intoxicating, and highly illegal, Klingon Blood Wine ... she had read that the potent brew had a rather unusual side effect on Vulcan males, and was more than interested to see if it was true. Much to her dismay, Sarek had only sipped the wine.

The conversation throughout dinner, as well as the trip to the cabin, had focused on their work ... but once dinner was over, Sarek said, "That is enough talk about the project. For the remainder of our time away, we will not mention diplomats, or officers, or starships ... is that understood?"

"Perfectly," Amanda replied, as she stepped out of the small kitchen area, and crossed the room to stand in front of him. Pressing her body against his, she added, "I'm pretty sure I can find other things to do with my mouth besides talk." Having said this, she proceeded to kiss him on the lips, then moved lower, to lick his flat nipples. She felt each one stiffen to a small peak as her tongue flicked over it.

She could feel the heat of his body as he pulled her closer against him ... the hardness of him, as their groins met. Suddenly, she wanted to see every inch of him ... feel the double ridges that she had only read about ... taste the alien flesh and seed. Her hands slipped lower, appreciating every inch of his flat stomach, and rock hard abs. She released the fastenings that held his leather codpiece in place, and pulled it away, letting his erection free of its confinement.

She had chosen a black leather mini, which Sarek had already slid his hands under, raising it to her waist ... his finger slipping easily into her wet pussy, through the crotchless lace panties she wore beneath. When Sarek lifted her, she wrapped her legs around his waist, sliding down his body until he was fully sheathed within her depths.

She had never felt so filled ... the double ridges an unusual, but highly stimulating, experience. She rode him, ever mindful of his great strength and control ... amazed at his ability to thrust deeper and deeper inside her.

When she came, she felt the overwhelming heat of his seed filling her. But it was not enough. He was still hard, buried deep inside her, as he carried her to the bed. He sat on the bed, keeping her impaled. In their current position, she could kneel on the bed, and he was able to have his hands free ... he removed her leather vest, and unzipped the skirt, pulling it over her head to remove it, as well. Amanda was now dressed only in lace panties and leather boots ... Sarek in leather chaps and boots.

As she began to move her hips, Sarek reached up to pinch her nipples ... her own hand slipping between her thighs to stimulate her clit and the other reaching behind her to grab his balls. As the stimulation increased, so did her breathing ... and she smiled to see that Sarek had closed his eyes, determined to hold off the inevitable for just a moment longer.

Amanda clenched her inner muscles, at the same moment she squeezed his balls ... the double impact of the contraction was too much for him ... his hips thrust upward, as his seed spurted into her with a cry of pleasure.

Her own orgasm subsiding, she collapsed on top of him. She felt him soften within her but made no move to release him. It felt good to lie there, she almost started to doze. Suddenly, Sarek rolled onto his side, taking her with him. the move made his deflated erection slide out of her, and she moaned at the loss. "Sh," he said, as his hand caressed her cheek. "There is plenty of time for more of that, later ... let us rest now," Sarek said, as he kissed her in the human way. Then he added, "when we awaken, I wish to show you the Vulcan way ... as pleasant as the this has been, it is nothing in comparison."

Amanda smiled sleepily, saying, "I can hardly wait," and she buried her head against his shoulder, and fell asleep.


Amanda awoke to find herself alone in the unfamiliar bed ... it took only a moment to recall where she was, and who she had been with. She rose and wrapped herself in the silk robe lying on the chair beside the bed.

She found Sarek outside watching the sunrise, his matching robe loosely tied around his waist. She watched him from the doorway, not wanting to disturb his meditation, if that was in fact what he was doing. Within seconds of her arrival, however, he turned and held out his hand, two fingers extended.

Her heart raced, anticipating the touch of those strong fingers. The night before, Sarek had linked their minds, so that she could feel everything that he felt ... until that moment, she had no idea what he was feeling every time she slid her fingers along his. Now, she did ... and she couldn't imagine having sex with someone without that level of intimacy.

Yet he had warned her that they could not join fully, or often, for that would lead to a permanent bond, and no matter how much they might desire it, a Vulcan/Human bonding would never be approved by High Priestess T'Pau. Amanda accepted this without question, for she had been raised to expect nothing more than the life of a slave; her relationships nothing more meaningful than to be a concubine for a wealthy patron.

With his warning, however, she also made a vow ... to make love to him only in the human way, never joining minds with him again ... after all, that level of intimacy was addictive, and she knew what she would be returning to when their current assignment was over. After only one taste of the joy that Sarek could give her, it would be difficult to return to the sadistic ways of Reed, but she was strong, and would endure.

In the meantime, she would enjoy every minute of the brief time she and Sarek had left to them. She approached him, touching his fingers as she had learned to do, then pulled away suddenly, as if she had been jolted by an electric current.

"Amanda, what is it?" Sarek asked, as he watched her stare at her hand as if she had never seen it before.

"When I touched you," she said, still looking at her hand, then she shook her head and looked him in the eyes as she said, "you said the meld was only temporary ... yet for a second, as our fingers touched, I could have sworn that I was feeling what you're feeling." She smiled a bit nervously, adding, "It caught me by surprise."

"How curious," Sarek said with a lifted brow. "May I?" he asked, as he held his fingers out to her once again. Amanda touched her fingers to his, this time prepared for the flood of emotions and images that filled her mind. "Tell me what you feel," Sarek said, wondering how deeply this mental bond went, for he felt nothing out of the ordinary from her in return.

"When I first touched you," she said, "there was an overwhelming desire for sex. I pulled away before getting much of anything else. Now, that desire is still present, but overshadowed by your curiosity and ... admiration?" She looked into his eyes, puzzled by this last observation, wondering if she was interpreting his thoughts correctly. Concentrating on his feelings, she continued, "You're puzzled because you don't feel what I'm feeling ... and you don't understand why I'm feeling what you feel."

Sarek pulled his hand away, breaking their connection. "You are correct ... I am puzzled." He closed his eyes, as if concentrating, then opened them, touching her fingers once again. "Tell me what you feel now."

She concentrated for a moment, looking into his eyes, then frowned as she said, "Nothing ... absolutely nothing. What did you do?"

"Fascinating," he said, then took her hand in the human fashion. "I raised my mental shields ... something I seldom have to do in the presence of humans." He paused, then went on, "I can only assume that your unusual 'talent' has resulted in an unexpected side effect to the mind meld."

"Will it last?" she asked, and then another thought came to her. "Will I be able to sense the thoughts of anyone I touch?" He saw her slight shiver at the idea, and knew that she was most likely thinking of Admiral Reed ... he did not envy anyone who had the misfortune to read that man's mind.

Sadly, he told her, "I do not know. Perhaps the connection you and I share will remain, but since it is only present when we touch, I do not see it being an inconvenience to either of us, once this assignment is over." He opened his shields just enough to let her know that he would welcome that inconvenience, if only he could. Seeing her smile, he continued, "Believe me when I say that, for your sake, I fervently hope that this 'connectivity' is not something you will experience with anyone else."

"Oh, I hope you're right. I can't imagine ..." she broke off the thought, shook her head, and then pulled him close as she continued, "there's no use obsessing over it. Come ... let's enjoy the time we have, for life is too short to dwell on things we cannot change."

He gladly followed her back into the bedroom, opening his shields slightly to let her know how much he appreciated and admired her. At that moment in time, he wanted nothing more than to open his mind fully and permanently to her ... propriety be damned.

When Amanda sensed these thoughts, however, she frowned and released his hand, saying, "Sarek, please ... such thoughts cannot be." She paused, turning away as she continued, "I am a slave, and will always be a slave. Even if I weren't, I am human ..." another slight pause, then she turned to face him once again, adding, "... you know as well as I do that it would never work."

Sarek wanted to take her in his arms; ward off the hurt she was feeling. She had never mentioned her slave status before ... to him, she could never be a slave. She knew his mind, so she must also know that he did not think of her in those terms.

He said so aloud, adding, "I can arrange to release you from slavery ... there are numerous ways." Then he smiled, saying, "As for being human ... that is what I find most desirable about you."

"Please, Sarek," she whispered as she turned away from him once more. She could not bear to see the compassion in his eyes. The touch of his hands on her shoulders startled her, and she pulled away. "Don't ..." but when his hands were once again on her shoulders, she did not pull away, for he had opened his mind to her, and the love and compassion that was flowing from him was too overwhelming.

She could see in his mind that he planned to marry her, come hell or high water, and she began to cry. "Sarek," she began, then turned in his arms to kiss him before continuing, "I love you ... but this cannot be. You said so yourself." She then pulled away, distancing herself from him as she wiped the tears from her eyes, saying, "I would rather never see you again, than be nothing more than an occasional fling; a concubine to be used for your amusement and pleasure, when your Vulcan wife will not suffice."

"Amanda, beloved ... I would never use you. Believe this." Sarek took a few steps toward her, then knelt at her feet, adding, "I love thee, and wish to bond with thee ..."

"But," Amanda started to protest, but Sarek reached up and placed his fingers across her lips to silence her.

"Hear me out." Sarek said, then bowed his head as he continued, "I have meditated on our situation, and have come to a conclusion." Sarek reached up and took Amanda's hands in his, as he continued, "I will marry thee, if thou shalt have me. After all, it is the only logical thing to do."

Still holding his hands, she lowered herself to her knees and said, "But what about your High Priestess? You said she would never accept such a bond."

"Yes, I did say that ... and for that I ask your forgiveness. Since then, I have thought of a way to convince her that it is the logical course of action." Seeing the puzzled look on her face, Sarek smiled, as he said, "We will be a symbol ... a sign to all that Vulcan and Human can work and live together, in harmony and an equal partnership, for the betterment of both our peoples."

"An ambitious undertaking," Amanda said, as she smiled at Sarek, then she kissed him, as she added, "and what of our children, if we are so blessed?"

Sarek smiled as well, saying, "They will be the leaders of an Empire, one day."

~the ende~