Kirk/Sarek Stories

and other Sarek slash fiction

Gay Sarek sex stories! This page is an attempt to bring all the known Sarek slash stories together in one place, for the convenience of readers and as inspiration to the authors.


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Kirk/Sarek Series

To Share A Dream [NC-17]

To Mend A Heart [R]

To Heal A Mind [NC-17]

Pas de Deux (Tardando - Coda) [NR]

Pas de Deux (Andante - Piu mosso) [PG-13] (Spock/McCoy, companion to "Coda")

Sharing Memories [R] (McCoy/Sarek; S/Mc, K/Sa, K/Mc implied)

The'lan [NC-17] (AU, K/S/Sa, S/Sa, K/Sa, K/S, Sa/m, K/m, etc!!)


Less [R] (K/S, K/Sa)


Stretch of Mortal Time Series

Diplomatic Relations [NC-17] (Sa/Am prequel to "A Stretch of Mortal Time")

A Stretch of Mortal Time [NC-17]

Another Stretch [NC-17] (S/Mc followup)


Put In His Place [NC-17]

Hunting the Ambassador: A Warming of Relations [NC-17] (sequel to "Put In His Place"; K/Sa, Sa/Am)

Tea and Vulcans [NC-17] (time travel)



Mirror Universe Series [NC-17] MU Spock/McCoy, McCoy/Sarek BDSM

The End of Youth [NC-17] Spock/m, Sarek/Spock, other Sarek/male implied

Osh've [NC-17] AU Sarek/Sam Kirk, Spock/Jim Kirk, Sarek/Jim Kirk, multiple

A Spear In Your Heart [PG-13] Sarek/Spock, Sa/Am implied

Joanne Collins

The Small Screen: Part XIX [NR] P/Q, Sarek/Richard Castillo. Part of The Small Screen, a TSU Picard/Q round robin.


Party Pooper [NC-17] Chekov/Sarek, others, humor

Karmen Ghia

After The Rescue [NC-17] Spock/McCoy, multiple, including Sarek/Maja (original character). Very long.


Penetrance [NC-17] Sarek/Spock, implied K/S, Sa/Am

Reunification [R] Sarek/Romulan Commander from "Balance of Terror"

Marcee Evans

The Search [NC-17] Chekov/Sarek, Spock/Chekov implied

Rocqueforte O'Leary

Tasteless Sarek Story [NC-17] Sarek/male TNG fuck story


The Altar Boy [NC-17] Sarek/Taurik (from TNG)


Pay The Price [NC-17] Sarek/M'Benga


Shaukaush Sadalaya (Season of Peace) [NC-17] Kirk/Spock, Sarek/male (original character). Part three of a four part series. [alternate url]


The Farther They Fall [NC-17] Sarek/male, K, S, U, Mc; Warning: non-con sex and violence.


A Journey of the Heart [NC-17] Chekov/Sarek

Under the Sun Series [NC-17] Kirk/Spock/McCoy, McCoy/Sarek, other Sarek/male implied.

Related Fun

Rob Morris

The Golden Boys [NC-17] AU Parody Sarek, Kirk, Spock, McCoy - not slash, but with a fun slashy feel.

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