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The Sarek Fun Fest ran through the summer of 2003. It was an open fest, and the stories that were submitted are archived or linked to below. Challenges were issued and participants took them and ran. The challenges remain for anyone who would like to write Sarek fic, be it gen, het, or slash.

I would just like to personally thank all the authors who participated and made this fest so fun. Aw, heck, and all the people who offered challenges, ideas, criticism and gushing positive feedback as well, when called for. And the betas who stepped up to the plate. Y'all are great.

Readers: my first message to you is READ THE CODES. If you think you will find a given story offensive, you have a choice: don't read it, or stretch your horizons and read it, but accept responsibility for the consequences. Codes are put up for a reason. My second message is, if you like the story, or if you didn't particularly like it but it made you think, send feedback to the author. Trust me, they love to get it, even months or years later.

Newly Posted Story--Spring 2007

The Acidqueen finally finished her long awaited Sarek/Kirk/Spock threesome, and it is quite tasty (if somewhat sad, like so many of her stories). I'm posting it up here to make up for taking so bloody long to post it on this page. The'lan by Acidqueen, AU K/S/Sa NC-17.


Free for the taking! Try one out and post the results to ASCEM so we can all enjoy it.

Sarek Fun Fest Art

Chibi Sarek - Mina Sarek in mini form! This may be the first time Sarek has NOT been imposing.

Sarek Fun Fest Story Archive

Please let me know if I am missing any more stories from 2003. Sarek slash stories (slash only--I do have a life, folks ;) for 2004 will go up on my Sarek slash page only, if there are any. If you don't see yourself there, do drop me a line. (athena_sappho at the American Yahoo TLD)

Need to add "Tempting the Ambassador" (Sa/Am, Sa/f?), "Fluctuating Bio-Scans" (Mc/Sa, K/Sa, Sa/Am implied), "Lost and Found" (Sa, K, Am), "Zzz" (Sa/Am, Sa/self), "Yoicks at Yosemite" (Sa/Am, K) and "A Ride to Remember" (Sa, Am, K), all by T'Riva. What an output!

Prizes and Incentives - Farfalla Codes: MU Spock/Sarek/Saavik (S/Sa/Saa), K/S implied [NC-17] Summary: To convince his father that his embarassing relationship with Captain Kirk has been discontinued, Spock must present Saavik as his concubine. Sequel to Manipulation, below. [December, 2003]

Sharing Memories - Acidqueen Codes: Sarek/McCoy (S/Mc, K/Sa, K/Mc implied) [R] Summary: Sometimes healing needs unusual means. [View As Text] Sequel to Pas de Deux (Tardando - Coda) [NR] (K/Sa) and Pas de Deux (Andante - Piu mosso) [PG-13] (S/Mc), and a followup to AQ's Kirk/Spock series linked to below. [December, 2003]

A Spear in Your Heart - Acidqueen Codes: Sarek/Spock (Sa/Am implied) [PG-13] Warnings: implied incest (see character codes!) Summary: Hurt shared and hurt renewed. [View As Text] [December, 2003]

Put In His Place - T'Riva Codes: Sarek/Kirk, (Sarek/Amanda implied) [NC-17] Summary: Kirk and Sarek struggle for the alpha spot in an unusual way. [View as Text] [December 7th, 2003]

Osh've - Acidqueen Codes: AU Sarek/Sam Kirk, Spock/Jim Kirk, Sarek/Jim Kirk, (Sarek/Spock implied) [NC-17] Warnings: dark, D/s, bondage, rape, violence, death. Summary: On a Vulcan that never saw Surak, two Human hostages have to adjust themselves to an alien culture. [November 6, 2003]

Upholding Traditions - Bert (aka T'Ryl) Codes: Sarek/Amanda [NC-17] Summary: Amanda introduces Sarek to a few human traditions [View As Text] [June 2003]

Manipulation - Farfalla Codes: MU Sarek/Saavik, K/S implied, underage, D/s [NC-17] Warning for underage sex, large age difference. Summary: It's never a good idea to make assumptions. [September 9, 2003]

The Strangest Thing - T'Guess [Scroll down to slash stories!] Codes: S/m, Sarek/Spock, K/S [NC-17] Summary: The Romulan Commander once said, "There's no force that I can use on a Vulcan that will make him speak." But what about a Vulcan hybrid with human weaknesses? Captured again by Romulans, Spock is put to the test. [September 8, 2003]

Georgia Blue Moon - Farfalla Codes: Poem (Sonnet), Sarek/McCoy [R] Summary: A tryst under Vulcan's moonless night. [August 5, 2003]

Twist of Fate - T'Lin Codes: ENT/TOS MU Sarek/Amanda, T'Pol/Reed implied [NC-17] Summary: Sarek, newly appointed to Earth, has little respect for humans . . . until he meets Admiral Reed, and his assistant, Amanda Greyson. [View As Text] [July 27, 2003]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker - Farfalla Codes: K/S, Sarek/? drabble [G] Summary: Amanda thinks she's found a more suitable partner for Spock, but he doesn't agree. [July 2003]

Penetrance - Lyrastar Codes: Sarek/Spock, Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda [NC-17] Warning for a tender incestuous sexual relationship between father and informed and consenting adult son. Summary: Spock returns to Vulcan after the death of his mother. [July 1, 2003]

Pas de Deux (Tardando - Coda) - Acidqueen Codes: Sarek/Kirk [NR] Summary: Sarek and Kirk meet again at a crossroad in their lives. [View as Text] Companion piece to Pas de Deux (Andante - Piu mosso) [PG-13] (S/Mc), and a followup to AQ's Kirk/Spock series linked to below. [July, 2003]

Snakeskin - Farfalla Codes: Sarek/Chapel, Sa/Am and S/m implied [NC-17] Summary: Chris Chapel is on Vulcan, and Spock is at Gol . . . [July, 2003]

Reunification - Lyrastar Codes: Sarek/Romulan Commander (Sa/m), Sa/Am, K/S [R] Summary: In a different reality, I could have called you friend. [June 13, 2003]

A Healing Touch - Selek Codes: Sarek/Amanda [NC-17] Summary: Sarek is recovering from his heart surgery on board the Enterprise, and Amanda helps him with her healing touch. [View as Text] [June 6, 2003]

The End of Youth - Acidqueen Codes: Sarek/Spock, Sarek/m, Spock/m [NC-17] (dark, consensual sex between adults and teenagers) Summary: Spock's teacher goes unusual ways to ensure his development.[View as Text] [June 4, 2003]

Obsession II - Vulcan - Acidqueen Codes: MU, Sarek/McCoy, McCoy/f, McCoy/m, Sarek/f [NC-17] Part four of the Spock/McCoy MU Series. Summary: McCoy is summoned to Vulcan and gets between the fronts of opposing forces.[View as Text] [June 3, 2003]

The'lan - Acidqueen AU Codes: Sarek/Spock, Sarek/Kirk, Sarek/Kirk/Spock, Sarek/m, K/S, and other m/m. [NC-17] Summary: When Kirk's shuttle crashes on an unknown planet, he has to adapt to an alien society.

As Birgit doesn't mind, I'm going to list Birgit's Kirk/Sarek series here, which was instigated by Lyrastarwatcher in April 2003:

Kirk/Sarek Series by Acidqueen - Includes "To Share a Dream," "To Mend a Heart," and "To Heal a Mind." Codes: Sarek/Kirk, R to NC-17. [May 2003]

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