Hypatia's Erotic Star Trek Fanfiction

Here it is! The pr0n! The porn! The perverted, evil pornography, or "erotica" for you academic types. The nitty-gritty! The down-and-dirty! The lascivious, suggestive and downright . . . kinky. Oh yeah.

There's a lot of K/S here, but check out the pairings and you'll see there's something for everyone--f/f, m/f, groups. F/F stories are distinguished from the rest with pink background.

If you're pressed for time, just read the ones with the *. General consensus is that these are the better stories. (Make sure you look at the codes too, of course.)

The stories are in order of first appearance, split up by series -- Enterprise LAST!

Marriage Verses

K/S in Boston Dialect, by Hypatia:

"Marry me," the loving human asks and breathes a sigh/ If you will have me, quoth the Vulcan, so won't I.

Kirkfun, 18th century style, by Farfalla:

"Marry me," the human pleads, as on his lips are smearéd seeds

TOS 2001-2003
Check out oldies-but-goodies on the 2001-2003 page. Newer TOS stories (and other series) below.

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PWP: "Plot? What plot?" Does not imply no narrative; does mean there is no episode-style plot.

drabble: A micro-story of exactly 100 words.

BDSM: bondage/domination/submission/sado-masochism. Uh, yeah kid. More Kinky (BDSM, h/c, prison stories & more) Star Trek Stories!

TNG: NextGen. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

ENT: Enterprise. The fifth Star Trek series. B & B's personal playground, and you're invited. Isn't that nice? (B & B are series creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, but sometimes we like to call them B e a v i s and B u t t h e a d.)

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