Author: Hypatia Kosh
Series: TOS
Codes: Kirk&Spock, Sarek
Rating: G
Summary: Shortening this tale further would not be fair--
Just scroll on down and read what's there.
Thanks to: Farfalla, who gave some pointers on punctuation and pointed out that inciseful is not a word. Any errors or peculiarities remaining, in punctuation or otherwise, are, of course, mine.


In the cold depths of space where the fierce Klingons lurk
Flies a great metal ship with a captain named Kirk
Justice and freedom he'll stoutly defend
With the help of his crew and his dear Vulcan friend

This friend is a scientist. His name is Spock.
His wit is incisive, his heart like a rock.
He does not crack a smile and sheds nary a tear
And shows not affection but for ones he holds dear

In general, Spock kept his life rather neat
He had never foreseen that his dear ones should meet
As a Vulcan in Starfleet, Spock's taken his licks,
But one day he was put in a peculiar fix

It turned out Spock's dad was a VIP sort--
A political envoy and gadfly, in short.
In due course he showed up on Spock's ship for a mission
The collision was as messy as nuclear fission

Well, first Kirk didn't know that the jerk was Spock's dad
With his foot in his mouth Kirk quickly wished that he had
His attempts to impress him fell resoundingly flat
It seemed the old man'd an apis in cravat.

Oh, Sarek was not happy to see Spock in the 'Fleet
It was not the right place for his planet's elite
Nor could he condone the at-times violent means
By which they held back outer-space Saracenes.

But, woe! There was but more trouble to come
Murder and Orions and hard decisions for sons
Accustomed to following a strict Vulcan way
No matter what doctors and mothers might say

Spock's father was ill, but his captain was worse
A ship of the enemy shadowed their course
Logic demanded that he take command
He held onto duty as the last solid strand.

Kirk knew that Sarek was in a bad way
His heart was failing; he might pass away
Kirk needed Sarek to live through the ride,
And he required blood only Spock could provide

Kirk resolved to be strong, for if he had a say,
Spock wouldn't commit patricide that day
Per his reputation, Kirk cooked up a plan
And typically, got Bones' support with élan

Patched up by the doctor, Kirk went to the bridge
Spock seemed somewhat skeptical, oh, just a smidge
But between Bones' assurance and Kirk's brilliant grin
Those two stole the Vulcan right out of him

Spock rushed back to sickbay, prepared to give blood
Meanwhile the captain was trapped where he stood
The Orion and the Enterprise valiantly battled
To his credit Kirk, weakened, was not even rattled.

He dispatched the Orion, and went back to his cot
In sickbay, where two Vulcans, more healthy than not
Had at last starting talking, filius et pater
Until grumpy Bones put an end to the chatter.

Kirk and Spock have traveled to all sorts of places
And made newfound friends with numerous races
The Feds they've defended 'gainst Klingons and more
As for compy's they've KO'd, no-one's keeping score.

But the greatest accomplishment, second to none
Was, for Kirk, reconciling stern Sarek and his son
The grand goal of friendship between Vulcan and Man
Is one he affords any resource he can

Spock's parents now say Captain Kirk's a fine fellow
And observers report père et fils are more mellow
Kirk's strides through the hallways are happy and light
As the grand Enterprise warps away in the night.