Hypatia Kosh's Star Trek Paperback Reviews

New Review: Killing Time is Killing Me (TOS #? Killing Time by Della van Hise)

Old Reviews: Early Star Trek Paperbacks, The Bantam Series Finally online! Dates to March, 2000, with some September, 2003 edits. Includes New Voyages 1 and 2, and novels by Marshak/Culbreath, David Gerrold, Joe Haldeman, and Stephen Goldin, among others. Enjoy!

Two years ago, when I flunking out of junior year of college, I read and reviewed a lot of Star Trek books, and briefly had a website with my reviews. It was called "STPB" for "Star Trek Paperbacks."

Unfortunately, I made the enormous tactical error of transferring the site from Geocities (which had recently been taken over by Yahoo) to Crosswinds. Needless to say, it vanished, and all I have are printouts of the review pages. (I had written the reviews online, using pico, and unfortunately since my university decided to buy iMacs without buying floppy drives to go with them, I ended up not backing up my files. Stupid!)

I keep planning to scan those pages in and restore the site. I have a couple of new reviews to add, after all, and I still think my original reviews were pretty clever. Plus, it's nice to have *something* to show for Spring Semester 2000.

Hypatia Kosh, 12-03-2002