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Brannon Braga gets tongue-tangled.

Said Brannon Braga, about the names of the episodes "Arena" and "Blink of an Eye": 
"I've been accused by many fans for reasons that go back eight
 years ago, for ignoring STAR TREK lore-- of being disdainful of 
STAR TREK and its fans and nothing could be further from the
 truth. I've lived and breathed this stuff for almost a decade
 now. I have to consider everything. Everything that's been done.
 Everything we're going to do. Things that have been done
 already. Stories, chronology, all that stuff is so complicated.
 When you come up with a cool idea, you run with it, but you have
 to keep in mind the larger context of 500 episodes of STAR TREK
 and nine movies. You can't ignore it. You just can't. Just the
 other day, we had two scripts we were getting ready to shoot
 back to back, and we realized they both had titles from the
 original series: "Wink of an Eye" and "Arena." We had to change
 them. Now that's a silly example, but the fact is even titles
 you have to consider, because the fans do. We don't want to
 repeat anything. We want to keep it fresh. We want to keep it
 consistent and the continuity going."

Feb 4, 2000.

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